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Lasting longer in bed is the key for a healthy and happy sexual life. In the current day lifestyle, sexual health and satisfaction plays a major role in your overall physical and mental health. Unfortunately a significant number of men fails to do this and the common reason being premature ejaculation (PE). PE is common and is nothing much to be worried about as far as your general health is in good condition.

What is premature ejaculation?

Ejaculation is the process of releasing your semen during the “Climax”. During an orgasm, when you ejaculate before your partner wants you to or before you intend to, it is called premature ejaculation.

The common cause of PE is psychological such as emotional distress, depression, lack of self esteem and sexual abuse in the developmental age. Sexologists consider this as a kind of sexual dysfunction. There is absolutely nothing to worry about if you experience PE once in a while. It is a common condition that is seen among one in three men. It is self diagnosable and treatments are effective.

Treating premature ejaculation

Consult your doctor if you experience frequent PE and that is the preliminary step. Sometimes you may be benefited from changing your sexual routine or simply masturbating before intercourse so that you can delay ejaculation with your partner.

There are a few physical exercises recommended by the American urology association that includes:

Stop and Squeeze method: in which after starting the intercourse, your partner stimulates your penis until you are close to ejaculation, and stop until you get control over ejaculation.

This may be repeated for three times a week until you notice improvements.

Reducing sensitivity of your penis: This is achieved by using condoms or those condoms that are marketed under the “climax control” tag.  Apart from these, certain pelvic floor exercises and behavioral treatment may also be helpful.


Sperms are the cells that are present in the semen that you ejaculate. They are the male reproductive cells that contribute to the men’s side of your baby! I’m sure…

Pills for lasting longer!

There are a few medications that are used to treat PE. It should be noted that these drugs can have certain side effects and should only be taken after consulting with your physician. It is found that medications are particularly effective in prolonging the time taken to ejaculate. These medicines can be targeted to your sexual function directly such as Viagra, or those that take care of the specific underlying causes such as stress.

  • Numbing agents: They are anesthetic creams that can be applied on your penis which reduces the sensation on your penis.
  • Oral medicines: Antidepressants can be used to ease your emotional distress and thus improve your sexual experience. Certain opioids such as tramadol have a side effect that it delays ejaculation and this can be made use of in treating PE. Dapoxetine is a relatively new medicine that is found to cure premature ejaculation.

Understanding the cause is the first step in curing PE. Opening up with your sexologist or urologist about your problems will ease your treatment and save your time.I hope you enjoyed reading,  Stay healthy and last longer in bed!

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