How to get an erection?


Depending on your situation the answer to this question keeps changing. In order to be healthy, there are few things that you should remember and of course, there are treatment options available if you are looking for a long term solution. 

How to get an erection right now?

All that you need is a functionally normal penis to get an erection right now. And after that, you require the right sexual stimulation. This stimulation can be 

  • Physical stimulation – can occur by touching yourself or being touched by someone else.
  • Visual stimulation – this is when you watch an erotic video or an erotic situation.
  • Mental stimulation – you get this by having sexually arousing thoughts.

Above all patience is crucial as this might take some time for you to get an erection strong enough to have penetrative sex. You need to be relaxed and give it time, as simply worrying about an erection or trying to use a semi-erect or flaccid penis might not help you. 

You cannot always rely on an erection sometimes you might get an erection when you least expect them and at the most u fortunate of times. In the same time when are expecting an erection, you find it difficult to achieve. 


A prolonged erection, that lasts for hours and causes discomfort is called Priapism. It can be quite disturbing to you and can have a negative effect on your sexual life.…

It is absolutely normal if are not able to get an erection to have penetrative sex. You need not panic if you are not able to get an erection right away. It is completely healthy and normal part of healthy sexual development. Most of the men will experience this at some point during their lives irrespective of whether you have erectile dysfunction or not.

What is required to get an erection?

Erections are usually caused by the blood capillaries in the penis which fills up with blood and this makes the penis to increase in size and stretch up erect. This can last from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on various factors. The main factor is how much stimulation is involved. An erection is complete only if you have penetrative sex with your partner. 

Is there any problem if you often find it difficult to get hard? 

If you discover that you have problems in getting and maintaining an erection then you should consult your general physician. They might find the cause and sort out your health condition as there are different treatments options for it. 

How to get an erection when you are nervous? 

Nerves can make it difficult to get an erection. Since anxiety and nervousness can make you lose an erection and it might even kill or prevent an erection to occur. Many ways might help you overcome ‘first-night nerves’ or performance anxiety. Here is how you can sort it out:

  • If you face a problem to get an erection before other people or your sex partner but you are comfortable in getting an erection while masturbating by yourself the. The reason is most likely to be emotional or psychological.
  • Alternatively, if you cannot get an erection even when you are alone then the following might be the cause:
  1. The effects of prescription or non-prescription drugs
  2. A poor diet
  3. Drinking too much alcohol or
  4. An underlying physical health condition



Viagra ist ein sexueller Verstärker, der speziell zur Behandlung von erektiler Dysfunktion verwendet wird. Mit Hilfe des Wirkstoffs Sildenafil wird die Erektion wieder möglich und kann sehr lange anhalten. Viagra-Tabletten…

What is that you should do? 

First of all, blaming yourself can make sex stressful. Be calm and as relaxed as possible and take time. Most of the time talking with your partner frankly can be supportive. This will make you feel comfortable and will get the pressure off.

Get help from a professional – only if you open up with your thoughts you will be able to find the solution. Only then the physician will be able to rule out the cause and find a solution for it. 

Masculinity and erection – thinking about sex or having sex can cause anxiety in most of the people. As in many cultures, sexual performance is linked with success and strength even though most men experience tribe having an erection from time to time. Ultimately it is not working that way and it is no way related to you personally. 

How can you get erections more often?

The well known and most common treatment for erectile dysfunction is PDE-5 inhibitors most commonly known as Viagra. They are available in tablet form and you can take them prior sex. But they are not recommended to be used by everyone especially if you have health issues. You should consult your doctor before you use them. These PDE-5 inhibitors are a very successful treatment for erectile dysfunction. But still to get an erection you need to be sexually stimulated or aroused. 

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