Do you have Erectile Dysfunction? What are its causes and how can you treat it?


In the modern world, most of the male is suffering from different sexual problems. Over a million of them are trying to deal with these problems. After premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction is the other most common disorder affecting the sexual functionality of men. According to research, in the US, this disorder has affected over thirty million men over a few years.

Erectile dysfunction lowers the self-esteem of men since they cannot maintain an adequate erection satisfying sexual activity. The cause of this condition can either be physical, physiological, or medical reasons. The good news is that there are treatments and medication for this nerve-racking condition. Despite these treatments, researchers are trying to come up with new and better medicine.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? 

Erectile dysfunction is a physical or physiological condition where a man cannot keep a firm erection during sexual intercourse. Though sometimes, men have erection problems from time to time due to various issues. For instance, during the depression, stress, and other emotional reasons, men might experience erection problems. Erectile dysfunction is usually progressive and occurs throughout, during sexual activities. Also, there are other situations where this disorder can occur, for example, during severe diseases like other atherosclerosis, high blood sugar, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. Besides, when you have limited blood flow in the penis, the nerves get harmed, resulting in ED.


In order to talk about an association between these two diseases we must first understand how high blood pressure affects the body and how the progression of the disease can…

How do Erections Work?

Erection is a process that starts in the brain. How do erections work?When people see, think, hear or feel something, the nerve sends chemical messages to the blood vessels in the penis. Usually, the penis has two chambers known as corpora cavernosa, which extends to the pelvis. The chambers have a spongy tissue which can gain blood and enlarge in size. The tissue has some arteries that relax and open, allowing blood to flow in and the veins close up. When the blood gets in the penis, the pressure within the corpora cavernosa makes the penis expand hence holding an erection. What are the causes of erection?When a person gets aroused, the magic starts to happen. The brain responds by sending signals which trigger hormones that make arteries open. After sexual activity, the brain stops sending signals; hence the hormones respond ends. The blood flows out of the arteries causing the penis return to the flaccid State.

There are many ways in which erectile dysfunction occurs. How erections work? It involves disrupting the normal and natural process of sustaining an erection. There are the most common causes of this disease. To begin with, when the brain is not sending signals to the penis. All these diseases lead to erectile dysfunction since the brain cannot send signals making the person get aroused. Secondly, when the erectile tissue gets damaged, it may lead to this stressful condition. Mostly, an erectile tissue gets damaged when a man undergoes radiation treatment for bladder or prostate cancer. When people have conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, it can affect the blood flowing to the penis. Since the blood in the penis is inadequate, it becomes difficult to achieve an erection.

What are Erectile dysfunction Symptoms?

In some cases, symptoms of sexual problems might be similar. The following are erectile dysfunction symptoms

  • If you have the trouble of getting an erection mostly when you want to have sex, that is a sign of ED.
  • When you get an erection, but it does not last long for sexual intercourse, this may be other ED symptoms.
  • Lastly, if you cannot get an erection anytime, it is the last sign of erectile dysfunction.

According to studies, men with erectile dysfunction have more significant leg circulatory problems, stroke, or even heart attacks.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

ED results in physical, health, or emotional problems. Erectile dysfunction Cause, are common in people, but some may be affected moreWhat causes erectile dysfunction in?

Most of the common risk factors include men over fifty years, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Also, reasons for erectile dysfunction, may be factors such as smoking, using drugs, taking too much alcohol, and lack of exercise may lead to that condition. According to studies, some of the men over fifty years may stay sexually functional. In other cases, erectile dysfunction may be a sign of a more severe problem. The causes of ED are grouped into two; physical and emotional reasons.

  • Physical Erectile Dysfunction Causes

ED can occur when the penis does not have enough blood flow. Physical causes of erectile dysfunction include Health problems such as hardening of arteries, smoking, and other related issues, may reduce the blood flowing in the penis. Also, when the penis cannot trap enough blood during an erection, it becomes difficult for this man to keep the erection. During surgeries or injuries of the pelvic area, it may harm the nerves carrying signals to the penis tissue. This makes it difficult for the brain or the spinal cord to send nerve signals to the penis.

Moreover, the brain may send signals to the penis, but due to these injuries, they don’t reach. Diseases such as diabetes and cancer treatment may also affect the penis functionality. Lastly, some drugs used to treat diseases may have side effects that negatively impact the penis erection.

  • Emotional causes of erectile dysfunction

Generally, during sex, the mind and the bodywork together. During emotional problems, a person can get erectile dysfunction. Other emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, cultural or religious conflicts, and worry about sexual performance may cause erectile dysfunction.

Diagnosing ED

It would help if you found the leading cause of the ED to find the treatment option. A urologist is a doctor who conducts a diagnosis of ED using sexual and medical history and can conduct mental health and physical exam. The doctor may start by asking questions about your heart, vascular health, and erection problems. Sometimes, the urologists give physical exams or may conduct tests. The doctor uses this information about your health information to identify any underlying condition which may lead to erectile dysfunction.


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Health and ED History

Before diagnosing ED, a doctor has to take a medical and sexual history. You will be required to provide the following information;

  • first, the rating of your confidence to get and keep an erection.
  • Second, you need to provide information about the firmness of your penis during sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation.
  • Thirdly, the time you take to maintain an erection, State whether you get an erection in the morning and the level of your sexual desire or satisfaction.
  • Also, you provide information about your ejaculation or whether you get an orgasm or reach a climax.
  • Additionally, you provide information about whether you drink alcohol, smoke, or use any illegal drugs.
  • Lastly, you must give information about any treatments or surgeries done in the body tissues near your penis, or taken any medication to treat sexual stimulation and desire.

All this information helps the urologist to understand your erectile dysfunction problems. Through this, the doctor can review your sexual activity and provide the desired treatment and medication. The doctor may ask for information about the symptoms you are experiencing regarding erectile dysfunction. You must provide information about the time you have lived with these symptoms, whether you have an erection at different times or experience pain when erecting.


The following tests are conducted to determine whether an individual may have an underlying condition.

  • Physical exam

The doctor conducts several examinations on the penis and testicles to check whether the nerves are sensitive. He tries to find out if the penis is sensitive to touch and understand whether the nervous system may cause the problem. Also, he may check the appearance of the penis to understand any physical source of the problem. For instance, diseases such as a person may cause the penis to bend or curve during erection. Also, he may part in the ankles and wrist to check for any circulation problem.

  • Lab tests

The urologist sends some samples of your blood to a lab to try to identify any signs and symptoms of diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone levels, and other related health problems.

  • Imaging tests

In some cases, a doctor may send you to a technician to perform an ultrasound test. He uses a wand-like device placed over the penis to measure blood flow in the blood vessels. The device provides video images which show the doctor whether you have blood flow problems. The device also measures the speed and direction of the blood flow. The doctor gives an injection of medication to the penis helping the stimulation of blood circulation, hence producing an erection.

  • Nocturnal erection test

In this test, a person wears a plastic ring-like device tied around the penis, which tests erections during sleep. An electronic monitoring device records the number of erections, firmness, and the time of erection. According to research, a man has three to five erections during erection. If you don’t have this number of erections, it means you have an ED problem.

  • Intracavernosal injection test

This test involves getting a medicine injection on the penis to cause an erection or insert medicine in the urethra. Through this, the doctor can evaluate the duration of the erection, hence finding the cause of the ED problem.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Erectile dysfunction may seem to be intricate, but there are various treatment methods you can use to rejuvenate your sexual life. However, these treatment methods have side effects, and you should highly consult your doctor before making any choice concerning drugs. Within the treatment period, your doctor may ask you to quit some behavior, i.e. smoking and drinking alcohol to ensure the medicine remain highly effective after they are administered in your system. Moreover, you can be encouraged to exercise regularly to keep your body healthy and compliment the medication as you boost your recovery period. These Erectile dysfunction treatments include;

  • Erectile dysfunction surgery – Penile implants

If your doctor decides to use penile implants, they will insert some device that enables your penis to achieve an erection. However, this method should be used if the other treatment methods fail to work on your system. There are two types of penile implants in which you can choose the most suitable. These methods include inflatable and semi-rigid. The placement of any of the implants will require surgery in your penis. That’s how this method is done. Moreover, before choosing this method, you must ensure that you accept the consequences that may be accompanied by surgery. In most cases, the method is used on people with diabetes, urinary infection, and others who have permanent erectile dysfunction.

  • Testosterone therapy

Testosterone therapy can be administered to you if the doctor finds out that your erectile dysfunction is as a result of low testosterone level in your blood system. Moreover, this method can have various benefits in your blood system that include increased energy levels, libido, the strength of the muscle and increased bone density. 

  • Vacuum erection device

Vacuum erection device is another method that can be used to solve your erectile dysfunction problem. In this method, a pump is used to maintain your erection which draws blood into the veins of your penis through air suction. However, this method will cure your dysfunction instead help you to have sexual intercourse with your partner. Moreover, some people refer to this device as a vacuum or a penis pump. 

  • Urethra and intracavernosal therapies

In some cases, the oral drugs administered may not as you anticipated. In that scenario, you can use the Alprostadil which comes in two distinct forms. The first one which is an injection through the urethra, most referred to as the UI therapy and the intracavernosal injection mostly termed as the ICI. 

  • Erectile Dysfunctions injections 

Whenever you have erection dysfunctions, you are given an injection as erectile dysfunction treatment option that contains Alprostadil using an excellent needle. The doctor should administer the first shot of the ED injection before doing it on your own. Besides, it would be best if you were given a proper lesson by a professional doctor who has experience with the injection so that you can have enough knowledge about it to ensure that you do it on your own properly. To erect firmly enough to have sex, you should have 85% of the treatment administered to you. If you do not react to oral PDE5 inhibitors, you can be issued with ICI. It is mixed together with two other drugs in the treatment of erection dysfunction. This combination is more effective compared to Alprostadil alone; hence it’s considered to be the standard treatment for erection dysfunction.

The quantity of each medicine to be used may be altered, considering level in ED. Any further advice on using the ED injection safely and the amount of treatment to be used when an experienced professional doctor gives necessary. ICI therapy enables you to have a reliable erection that may decrease after half an hour or even after the climax. You may even erect after orgasm because your penile nerves do not control the erection by the penile nerves. Its main side effect can be an erection that lasts longer than expected and can be treated using a second injection by your doctor. Whenever you have penile erections lasting longer than expected, you should seek quick medication.

  • Erectile dysfunction surgery 

Erectile dysfunction surgery majorly involves the placement of the penile Implant. Although the insertion of the penile Implant is risky surgery, it is highly rated on the success and satisfaction amongst ED treatment option you can choose. Since penile vascular surgery may not be advisable if you are ageing and also have a failure of oral PDE5 inhibitors, then implants will be the best option for you. A penile implant refers to the devices which are fully inserted in your body. They ensure that your penis is firm to allow you to have enjoyable sex. The two types of penile implants include semi-rigid Implant and inflatable Implant

  1. Semi-rigid
    It is the subtle form of Implant that is completed using two rods that are easy to blend and are mostly made by silicone. The rods provide your penis with the essential firmness for successful sexual penetration. The semi-rigid rods are advantageous since they are easy to use and also they are less probable to result in malfunction compared to inflatable Implant. They may also lead to a phallus which will permanently be slightly firm and may not be easy to conceal sometimes.
  2. Inflatable Implant
    When you have an inflatable implant, some cylinders filled with fluid are inserted horizontally in your penis. Tubes link the cylinders which are used to a pump, and they are positioned in the scrotum. By the use of the pump, the pressure contained inside the cylinders fill the penis and ensure it is firm. They brand an ordinary erection that has a natural feel to your spouse. It allows a couple to be impulsively intimate. If you have the Implant, you can regulate the stiffness and the scope of the erection. You will not experience any change to your feelings or even orgasm if you have an inflatable implant.

Age is a precursor to sexual illness in men. According to research, 50% of men over 75 suffer from erectile dysfunction. And it's only getting worse! Erectile dysfunction is the…

  • Erectile dysfunction drugs 

Oral drugs are administered through the mouth if you opt to choose the method. Among the many drugs which can be taken orally, the government of the United States has only approved four erectile dysfunction drugsnamely.

  1. Stendra
  2. Cialis
  3. Levitra 
  4. Viagra

For the performance, you have to take these drugs at most two hours before having sexual intercourse. These drugs will help your nerves to function while doing sex. Moreover, they improve the erections through vigorous blood flow, making you champion in the bed. However, if you have cancer or diabetes, the response rate of these medicines might substantially be reduced. However, if you take nitrates for your hearing, you should consult your doctor to determine whether this treatment is best for your health.

Moreover, PDE5 inhibitors have several side effect while taking. These side effects include muscle aches, indigestion, and stuffy nose, among others. Furthermore, Cialis might cause back pain while Viagra results in shading vision, but it’s only for a short time.These side effects on your body imply that there is an increase in your blood flow, and the whole system is adapting to the fluctuation.

  • Intraurethral therapy

When you choose this treatment, a tiny pill is injected to the urethra to stimulate the blood flow. However, this treatment must be first tested while in the office to ensure that it’s useful in your system. Moreover, it has led to a burning feeling in the penis during the erection. Besides, if you erect for more than four hours, you should seek medical treatment immediately. 

Clinical trials

The advancement in the healthcare system has led to a possible invention that can be used in future to treat the erectile dysfunction. For instance, there is the electrical shock wave therapy which can be used to restore the erection through shock wave with low intensity. Secondly is the intracavernosal injections that aid the growth of cavernous tissue. And last is the intracavernosal injection autologous plasma that also helps the development of your cavernous tissue. However, patients interested in these methods should know their side effects and the type of risks involved in the process. Moreover, most of the therapies which are not approved by the FDA are not covered by both private and public hospital insurance.


Supplements have become popular since they are cheaper than the ED drug. However, before buying them, you should understand that most of them are not tested for safe treatment of the ED. Moreover, you should know that those drugs have been found to high posse amount of PDE 5 inhibitors in their ingredients. For instance, the amount found in the Viagra may note under quality control hence using them can stress your penis.

Average market prices for generics for erectile dysfunction:

After treatment

Most of the ED treatment only gives you good sex drive but does not fix your problem since they soon wear off. If the medical treatments fail to work, you can

  1. Change your dosage as prescribed by your physician.
  2. Review the instruction of the drug to establish if you skipped any procedure
  3. Consider using a different form of therapy, i.e., emotional, but you should never give up.
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