Are Erectile Dysfunction getting common in young men?


What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Erection needs the contributions of the brain, neural system, hormones, associated muscles, and blood circulation system. These units work in association to ensure the erectile tissue in the penis are filled with blood.

A man with ED has challenges in getting or keeping an erection for the completion of sex. Some with ED are totally failed to get an erection. Others are unable to maintain an erection throughout the intercourse.

ED is generally seen older ages, but it may visible in younger men as well. There are many reasons of ED, and most of them are able to eliminate over treatment.

Physiological reasons for ED

It’s always advised to test it and evaluated with a doctor, and it is a mandatory to share your medical histories with him. Doctor will conduct a physical exam and some lab tests like testosterone test etc. The medical testing is mandatory because in some times we should consider the ED has some early signs of serious illness.

Heart related issues: Heart plays a major role in getting and holding erection. Coagulated blood vessels – Atherosclerosis – may be reason for ED.


High Bloop Pressure may also cause ED, so cardiovascular testing is mandatory.

Diabetes: ED can be considered as sign of diabetes. The reason is high levels of glucose in bed will collapse blood vessels, it includes the vessels bring blood to the penis for erection.

Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal issues, including low testosterone, is potential to contribute ED. Also, high production of prolactin, a hormone the pituitary gland produces will also results in ED. Another reason might be highly imbalanced thyroid levels. Younger population, who are using steroid for gaining muscle mass are in risk of ED.

Physiological reasons for ED

The sexual excitement that results in an erection initiates in the brain. Depression and Anxiety may adversely affect the process. It’s commonly observed that, during depression – people are staying away from the things bring pleasure which includes sexual pleasure.

Stress related to various personal reasons or events can play a role in ED. Relationship issues, bonding challenges, communication issues etc results in the attraction towards the partner – which will result in ED too.

Alcohol and Drug addiction are also observed as major reasons for ED among youngsters.

How to treat ED

ED treatments are generally treating the cause of it. Lifestyle modifications and natural techniques make a good difference in few men. some men need specialized testing and detailed medical examination to help in deriving their treatment plans, mainly the young men with historic cardiac issues. ED should not be ignored as it has to be treated as an indication of various other issues.


There are scenarios where healthy – active men couldn’t perform intimate sex with partner. Studies reveals a major reason for this as – a habit of too much watching of…

Healthy lifestyle adaption:

Healthier food, good and adequate exercise, and controlling are advised to reduce the effect of ED. Quit smoking, Control alcohol use is considered as general good, it also helps in ED control.

Always check and confirm with the doctor before you choose to take any natural medicine or herbs. Communication with your partner is key, as it improves the passion with them. Never be overwhelmed about performance anxiety – it will make things ever worse. Get medical help when ever needed, for e.g., treating stress will help you in controlling the ED challenges as well.

There are few other techniques 9 but recommended to choose it only after doctor consultation includes: Oral medicines, Intracavernosal injection, Intraurethral suppositories, Testosterone treatments, Vacuum construction devices or even the surgical procedures also there.

ED might not be a comfortable topic to open up, mainly, for younger men. Please note that millions of other men are facing with the same challenge and that it’s treatable with wonderful results.

It’s important to get good medical care for ED because it may be an indication of other health issues. Getting a therapist’s attention will help you in resolving the issue in faster and satisfactory level.

Kyle Taylor, 10. 10. 2020
It is very interesting how ED is related to diabetes…and scary too haha

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